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ju lian su ye profile

Company founder Wang Zhenzhong general manager from Taiwan£¬Since1998In the investmentIXPEAndXPEThe manufacturing and pin¡£

Company in Taiwan taoyuan¡ºCohesion of crosslinking¡»£¬2008In looking to the mainland market demand£¬Set up a joint venture¡ºNingbo poly suye   The company¡»Ningbo factories productionXPEFoam material¡£ 

Ningbo together since2008Years4In solid business growing up year by year£¬Because2016Years9In MAO auspicious company takeovers of the joint venture£¬Ningbo factory workshop as well     The lease expires relocation and planning¡£

2017Years5In ningbo factory production line were moved to kunshan in jiangsu province¡¾The new polyethylene polymer materials company¡¿And hubei YingShan¡¾Hubei poly league suye co., LTD¡¿Two       The ground£¬The original ningbo poly suye company only foreign sales business¡£

Company equipment

company's facility
The company has sevenXPEThe production line£¬And passedISO9001AndTS16949Quality system certification¡£The main equipment granulator¡¢A blender¡¢Extruding machine and the level of foaming furnace£¬The annual output can reach4500Tons/Years£¬Otherwise no plastic laminating machine¡¢Embossing machine¡¢Laminating machine¡¢Hydraulic molding machine¡¢The cutting machine and other equipment can provide terminal products processing¡£We can die forming products are made with different ratio of composite¡£